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This article contains a list of the terms and wordings used within Church Builder and defines how they are used and what they mean within the context of ECB.


People are the core of Church Builder. Within Church Builder everyone in stored within the People Manager - this is a "bucket" that contains the details of everyone ECB has contact with whether they are a church member, external room booker, couple getting married or an external contractor.


Once people are entered into the People Manager they can then be assigned to groups. A person can be assigned to as many groups as you like - some people may be in several groups some people may only be in one. When a person is added to a group the group refers back to the People manager to get that persons details, this means that if a person is in several groups and changes their contact details the details are updated in People Manager and the group contact information automatically changes.

There are several types of group. Simple, Structured, Combined and automatic.

Simple Groups - Simple groups are just a collection of people that all belong to a group. There is no hierarchy involved. 

Structured Groups - A structured group is the most frequently used type of group. It is a group that consists of several groups that provide a structured hierarchy. This hierarchy is generally as follows:

  1. Coordinator
  2. Leader
  3. Helper
  4. Member

The hierarchy allows for Church Builder to provide an easy way to set and manage permission for people within groups, for example, allowing a group coordinator to add and remove people from their group and members of the group to be able to simple view other members of the group.

Combined and Automatic Groups - These groups populate themselves with information provided by Church Builder Webmasters and are therefore something you will not need to worry about.


Once you have information in the People Manager and people assigned to groups the basis of Church Builder is all about permissions. Again permissions are assigned by the Church Builder Webmasters so this is not something to worry about - however, if you can't do something you think you should be able to do this will almost certainly be due to how permissions have been set.


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