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Swapping a Rota Duty


If you are on a rota to fulfil a duty it is your responsibility to either fulfil that duty or find a replacement to cover your duty.

Church Builder allows for a swap to be requested (although some rota co-ordinators have asked for this to be switched off for various reasons) if you request a swap via Church Builder and no one else on the rota list can cover you the request time’s out and a notification of the time out is sent to you.

If the request time’s out, you are still “on duty” and need to take further action – you can either try to request a swap again or you may need to go direct to your rota co-ordinator. 

It is important that you take this step to ensure that both you and the rota coordinator know the situation is in hand and you have handed your responsibility on to the rota coordinator.

To request a swap

Log in to Church Builder and select rota manager from the "My Links" menu, then choose the relevant rota.

Find the date you wish to swap and right click on your name from the pop-up menu click on select.

The Duty Swap Request window will appear displaying a list of the other people on the rota that you can request to do your duty. Next to their names you will see the dates that they are on duty.

You can request to swap specific dates from specific people, or you select the ‘Freebie’ box to ask someone to do your duty for free (i.e. without doing one of their duties in return). Both Freebie and specific dates can be requested. In fact if you select date/s and no freebie, the system automatically also asks for a freebie as well as the selected dates. Select the ‘All’ box to ask all others for a freebie.

Click the ‘Send Request’ button when you’re happy with your selections. Emails will then be sent to the people you have selected asking for the swaps. They can indicate on the system if they can offer you a swap.

When an offer to swap is made, you will receive the details in an email from the system. The offer automatically expires after 48 hours so if you want take up the offer, do accept it within this time limit.

To accept an offer, go back into the duty swap request window. You can do this using the link in the offer email. The offer/s will be highlighted in yellow. Click the ‘Accept’ button to take up an offer.

Accepting the offer will cause the rota to be changed, an acceptance email to be sent to the person with whom you’ve made the swap, and rejection emails to be sent to all the other people you asked.


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