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Creating a Parent of Group


 This is useful if you want to run quick reports such as send an email all the parents of a children's group.

Open group manager

Create an automatic group and name it (e.g All parents of Creche)

Open the edit query box and select "Parents Of"

You will then be presented with two options:

Any: gives you whatever people in the family postition 1 and 2 it can find

Admin: will give you the parent designated as "admin parent" in the child profile field

Once you have chosen which you would like press the group button and choose the relevant group - this will give you an expression saying - parents of (Xmembers)

If you think there might be cases where you are likely to have a designated "parent" who isn't a child's actual parent, and therefore not in family position 1 or 2, eg. Grandparent, aunt etc. then you might want to create two groups - an extra guardians simple group which you add into the automatic "parents of" group. 

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