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Linking to my personal calendar: All your personal duties


"If, for example, you are on the sound desk rota and the reading rota. You can get a calendar link to only the rotas you are on, and then only the events you are signed up for."

To link to your rota of duties on your own personal, go to your profile page and right-click on "My iCal calendar" (under your profile details) and save the link address. Different browsers use different terminology here - the option may be called "Copy link address", or "Copy Link location", or "Copy shortcut".


Then go to your personal calendar and create or import the web link as an iCal calendar.

Below are links to instructions of how to import a calendar web link into personal calendars:

(Note: It is very possible to access a linked calendar on a mobile device, however, it very much depends on the device and what system you use for your personal calendar. How to configure this is beyond the scope of this article).  


Special Note iOS Devices only (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

You can configure your iOS device to automatically link to all your personal duties (and the people directory). To do this click and download the 'iOS Installer' installer from you profile page (it is under the 'My iCal Calendar' link). This will download a file called profile.mobileconfig onto your computer (depending on your internet browser the file may be downloaded onto the desktop, or a 'Downloads' folder on your computer).


The easiest way to get the iOS Installer (profile.mobileconfig) onto your iOS device is you email it as an attachment to and email you can access from your iOS device.

(You could also access the ECB Churchbuilder directly from your iOS device and install the 'iOS Installer' directly onto your device).

Once you have emailed the iOS Installer to yourself, from your iOS Device, open the email and open the iOS Installer (profile.mobileconfig) attachment. Follow the instructions to install the profile. Once successfully installed go to your Calendar App and view calendars. You should now see under 'SUBSCRIBED' your ChurchBuilder calendar. (It may take a few minutes to fully load and configure once you complete the iOS Installer).




(Note During the iOS Installer process you may be asked to provide a password, this is optional. If you do provide your churchbuilder password, this will then give you access to search the churchbuilder people director, from your iOS Device).


To delete the installed profile:


02_profile_ical_link.jpg 02_profile_ical_link.jpg
03_ios_device.jpg 03_ios_device.jpg
03_a_ios_device.jpg 03_a_ios_device.jpg
03_b_ios_device.jpg 03_b_ios_device.jpg
03_c_ios_device.jpg 03_c_ios_device.jpg

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