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Can I link the churchbuilder calendar to my personal calendar?


Yes you can.

There are 3 types of link you can create from churchbuilder to your personal calendar:

  1. A whole calendar layer. For example you might want to link the church's public calendar to your calendar, so you can easily check what is going on at ECB on a given day.
    [For this see instructions at
  2. All your personal duties. For example you are on the sound desk rota and the reading rota. This links only to the rotas you are on, and only the events you are signed up for.
    [For this see instructions at]
  3. All rota duties. For example if you are a worship leader you might want to have the entire music rota linked your your own calendar. 
    For this see instructions at]

There are also two ways you can link to your personal calendar:

  • Dynamic: Dynamic link means that you setup a link to your personal calendar just once from churchbuilder. Then any updates to the churchbuilder calendar are automatically 'pushed' to your personal calendar. This means that your personal calendar stays up-to-date and synchronised with churchbuilder. (Dynamic link requires a URL calendar link (called ical link) from churchbuilder.) 
  • Static: Static link means that you copy a 'snap shot' of the current churchbuilder calendar and uploaded it to your personal calendar. This means that as soon as the churchbuilder calendar is updated, your personal calendar is no longer up-to-date. (Static link requires a calendar file to be downloaded onto your computer, and then uploaded into your calendar.)
    (static linking is not recommended and is therefore not covered in this knowledgebase)


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